Thursday, August 27, 2015

Creation and Evolution

Creation versus Evolution. It is one of the most important battle-fronts in Christ's church today. While the age of the earth was once considered to be settled around 6,000 years, that notion has been challenged by evolutionism for the past 150+ years. Why is time so important to the conflicting worldviews of biblical creationism versus naturalistic evolutionism? Because time to the evolutionist functions like magic. If I was to tell someone that tomorrow this earthworm will be a human being, they would laugh at me and rightly so. For some strange reason in our day, if I was to tell someone that in millions of years this earthworm will be a human being, people nod and call that "science." 

The weakness of the Christian church in our day is due largely to its biblical illiteracy, theological indifference, and its familial collapse. Fathers, generally speaking, do not lead or educate their families (contra Deut. 6:4-9; Psalm 78:1-8; Ephesians 6:4; etc.). Children are sent off to the government schools where they have materialism, naturalism, and evolutionism pumped into them. In summary, here is what has happened: Biblical authority has been challenged and abandoned by our culture. These challenges have made their way into the church as well. The primary challenge is deep time. The world has been demanding for some time now that we find somewhere to cram these millions and billions of years into the biblical text. Sadly, many prominent churchmen have obliged. Now we have the gap-theory, the framework hypothesis, and the day-age theory regarding the true meaning of Genesis 1's days of creation. What do all three of those compromised positions have in common? They allow for millions and/or billions of years. The church, instead of standing its ground upon the infallible Word of God, has chosen to sell its birthright for a mess of pottage. Jude 3 commands us to contend for the faith, but we've allowed the enemy to make a huge hole in the ship. That ship is now dangerously close to sinking in America. 

The fact is, there are very solid and biblical answers to the challenges of evolutionism and all that accompanies it: materialism, naturalism, secularism, atheism, etc. There are many excellent apologetical works being produced by great theologians and Christian natural scientists all over the world. Answers in Genesis is a group whose materials we have encouraged people to use for a long time now. Creation Ministries International is another such group. Their DVD called Evolution's Achilles Heels is the single best refutation of evolutionary ideas I have ever seen. The fact is, evolutionism is a house of cards. It is really not science at all. Evolutionism is an expression of man's rebellion against the authority of God. It is philosophy, a worldview and nothing more. It is based upon no observable or repeatable evidence. And its philosophical underpinnings such as atheism, materialism, and naturalism render science non-justifiable anyway. The only reason we can do science and expect regularity in nature is because of the biblical doctrine of providence. Atheism has no way of explaining or accounting for anything that is needed for science to be possible. But let's just grant the other side the Christian property of science for the moment. Evolution is still false. The sacred cow for it is deep time. The idea is: given enough time, anything is possible. But if the universe is only 6,000 years old, then evolutionism cannot possibly be true. Of course, as Christians, we would point out that given an infinite amount of time it would still not be possible. How can the infinite complexity of life come from non-living matter? How did consciousness originate? How did sex differentiation and reproduction by copulation evolve slowly and gradually? How can unintelligent and non-directed impersonal laws account for the voluminous amount of information contained in the double-helix of a DNA molecule? Why are the majority of point mutations fatal to the organism that experiences them? Why is no new genetic information ever added to the genome of any living organism by mutations if that is supposedly the mechanism by which new physical features are added to less complex organisms? How can there be any objective morality at all in an atheistic universe? How can there be concepts, abstractions, laws of logic, laws of reason in a world composed only of matter? How is induction possible when there is no rational basis for believing in the uniformity of nature over time in an atheist universe? These are questions which spell the death-knell to evolutionism. 

The insistence of deep time and the almost constant mockery of any idea of a young earth has shamed many Christians into silence and compromise. The reason this is so devastating to the Christian church is plain: The Biblical text is plain and simple to understandThe days of Genesis chapter one are twenty-four hour days. The earth cannot possibly be much older than 6,000 years if the Bible is true. Does it now make sense why this would be a major attack-point for the enemy? Do you see what is at stake here? If we give away natural history to the secularists, biblical authority is badly compromised and undermined. Sadly, that is exactly what has happened on our watch. And this, dear friends, is why so few will listen to the church's calls to repent and come to Christ. 

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